Crowd-Connect™ moves beyond a standard conference bridge to offer instant and on-demand group conferencing. Team leaders are empowered to pull in their crowd at the push of button.

Call in a team huddle anytime, anywhere! You can leverage group text messaging and now group voice conferencing to connect with your team. All they need to do is pick-up the phone.

Essential to team leaders needing quick access for:

Business Calls
Event Management
Field Trips
Crisis Communications

Say goodbye to dialing. Say goodbye to entering PINs. Crowd-Connect™ initiates a crowd conference instantly!

Start an estimate by reaching a IBS System Representative HERE or at (801) 210 9640.
Choose a Service Plan. Annual subscriptions at $10/mo per user (minute bundle required) or choose from short-term service plans based on unlimited usage per use or the needs of small groups:
Add Your Contacts. Login to the Crowd-Connect™ Portal on your web browser, smartphone, or tablet; add your contacts; then schedule or push out a group conference instantly.
IBS System Crowd-Connect™ is essential to team leaders needing quick access for:

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