Crisis-Connect™ ensures that your team, leadership, and key stakeholders continue to communicate securely during a crisis. This solution utilizes a bundle of enterprise-class communication products fit for organizations of all sizes.

Crowd-Connect™ License

An outbound conference calling platform that allows you to identify people in your network who can assist you in resolving a crisis. Crowd-Connect™ enables key stakeholders a platform for bringing the right mix of skillsets together to collaborate in a secure, voice-enabled conference just-in-time.

Broadcast Urgent Message Service

BUMS is an outbound telephone dialer that alerts large groups of predetermined users of an urgent event an allows the customer or contact to connect to a designated call center based on a menu of choices from an interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR allows businesses to interact with their customers to better serve their needs. Instead of having your customers waiting on hold, now you can prompt them to answer questions that will allow them to get faster assistance and enhance their customer experience.
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